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World Cancer Day - Friday 4 February

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

World Cancer Day 2022 is on Friday 4 February. This is an international day to raise awareness of and encourage cancer prevention, detection, improve diagnosis, treatment and care.

The Macmillan website has a variety of support and information: Cancer Information And Support - Macmillan Cancer Support

This year we are learning more about our Macmillan Primary Care Workforce Facilitators: They are a team of three Nurses with Primary care and cancer care backgrounds.

The Macmillan Primary Care Workforce Facilitators work with the training hubs to offer support and education to Primary Care teams. They also work with a team of Macmillan GPs across Kent and Medway. By working with the training hubs they reach out to individuals who have encounters with patients regarding cancer, whether this be supporting cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, undergoing treatment or support for those affected by cancer and their family/carers. This includes recognising cancer as a long term condition and the delivery of cancer care reviews.

The Macmillan Primary Care team offer a variety of educational opportunities, support and guidance for the primary care workforce and are always open to discuss any ideas you may have in providing training for your PCN.

All offers are completely free, with the sole aim of the PCN team feeling equipped to help anyone regarding any aspect of cancer. Macmillan have also invested into the Digital Innovation Centre in Folkestone to be able to bring a different way of learning to you in the future.

Upcoming virtual event:

Supporting Patients with a cancer diagnosis- Primary Care Lunch

Wednesday 9 February, 1-2pm

Read the PDF Document below which shows the offers available from Macmillan to Patients

Macmillan On A Page Version 5
Download PDF • 875KB

Contact the team here:

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