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Spirometry Performance and Interpretation Training

Spirometry Performance and Interpretation Training

Suitable for all clinicians performing and interpreting spirometry including GPs, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Practice Nurses. Healthcare Assistants to attend 8.45-12.30 for Performance of Spirometry only.

Learning Outcomes - Spirometry Performance:

• To understand the role of spirometry in primary care

• To observe a spirometry test being performed

• To understand how to set up a spirometer for a spirometry test

• To understand how to maintain a spirometer to ensure quality testing can be undertaken e.g.,

verification / infection control requirements

• To understand assessment requirements of a patient prior to undertaking spirometry to ensure

safety and accuracy e.g. Contraindications and measurement of demographics

• To understand what constitutes a good standard spirometry test e.g., acceptability and repeatability criteria

• To be able to understand requirements of a quality spirometry trace – flow volume and volume-time curve

• Reversibility testing – testing requirements, PSD / Prescriptions, medication delivery

• To recognise errors in testing and adjust patients’ technique appropriately

• How to report spirometry results in patients notes

• Spirometry in a covid era

• ARTP register and ARTP assessment requirements

Spirometry Interpretation:

• To understand indices measured in spirometry including FEV1, FVC, VC, FEV1/FVC, FEV1/VC, PEFR, FEF25-75.

• To interpret spirometry results using % predicted and lower limits of normal

• Identification of significant and non-significant reversibility

• To recognise a normal flow-volume and volume time curve

• To recognise common abnormalities in the flow-volume and volume-time curve in both airflow obstruction and restriction.

• To understand how common lung pathologies will present on spirometry

For dates and sign up information, open the flyer linked below:

2023 Spirometry Training Flyer v4.0
Download PDF • 210KB

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