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Training Programme to meet the Medical Needs of Adults with Learning Disabilities

A new training programme has been made available for senior healthcare professionals who care for people with a learning disability, including:

• General Practitioners (GPs) or GP registrars (ST3)

• Psychiatrists or psychiatry registrars (ST5-6)

• General medicine consultants or registrars (ST5-7)

• Registered Nurses - Band 6 or 7 upwards (depending on the role)

• Allied Health Professionals - Band 6 or 7 upwards (depending on the role)

Funded by Health Education England and created by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and Edge Hill University, the training is designed to help services meet the medical needs of adults with a learning disability and enable practitioners to provide high-quality and person-centred care.

The training programme involves experts by experience and consists of two modules. Those who take part in the course are expected to complete both modules, which will result in a postgraduate certificate. The second of the two modules is under development but will be available in the autumn

of 2023.

For more information on the course content and other details, visit the RCP webpage or email

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