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Stay and Grow Conversations toolkit and templates

The aim of this toolkit is to provide guidance and support to those holding or seeking to have a career or a 'stay' conversation. It is primarily aimed at managers or those with a pastoral support or career coaching role. We have used the term ‘grow’ conversations interchangeably with career conversations. Please use whatever term suits your organization.

This toolkit has been taken from various sources including the Talent Team and work that originated from regional collaboration with systems in the North East and Yorkshire for the development of ICB's.

This guidance centres around holding good quality, compassionate conversations and the support which is available.

Covering a range of different employment situations, the generic term ‘colleague’ has been used through this toolkit.

Supplementing this toolkit are a range of potential career resources and two templates for each of the Career and Stay conversation conversations.


Stay conversation April 22
Download DOCX • 39KB

Stay & Grow Conversations - SW
Download PPTX • 11.94MB

Grow Conversation template - April 22
Download DOCX • 42KB

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