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South East Leadership Academy Primary Care Offers

The South East Leadership Academy would like to invite you to attend and Share across your teams our Upcoming Events in regards but not limited to Primary Care.

These sessions build on the success of Learning Sets for PCN managers in the South East over the last year. With expert facilitation, the sessions provide an opportunity for PCN Managers to seek and offer peer support relating to the unique leadership challenges of this role. The peer learning will also involve sharing perspectives and ideas while gently challenging each other to be bold and to try new things. The aim is for PCN Managers to feel less alone, to learn with and from each other and to build a network.

Tuesday, 13th December 15:30-17:00

Wednesday, 11th January 13:00-14:30

Wednesday, 8th February 13:00-14:30

Tuesday, 14th March 13:00-14:30

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