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Primary Care First Contact Practitioners (FCPs) Roadmaps to Practice & CQC Requirements

The HEE Roadmaps to Practice create a standard of practice and proof of capability for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) working in primary care.

The roadmaps apply to directly and indirectly employed staff using the additional roles reimbursement scheme (ARRS) and also to other directly and indirectly employed FCPs from the following professional AHP groups:

  • Paramedics

  • First Contact Physiotherapists

  • Dietitians

  • Podiatrists

  • Occupational Therapists

CQC will require evidence or assurance that all FCPs are compliant with the roadmap requirements, irrespective of who holds their employment contract.

The roadmaps are split into 3 stages and must be verified by an approved roadmap supervisor:

Stage 1

All new staff must have completed Stage 1 prior to commencement of employment. Existing staff will need to complete Stage 1 retrospectively.

Stage 1 provides evidence of working academically at masters (L7) level and completion of required e-learning modules.

Stage 2

Stage 2 is the verified application of Stage 1 knowledge, skills and attributes in Primary Care.

Primary care Existing staff will need to complete Stage 2 retrospectively

Stage 3

Advanced Clinical Practice. On completion of Stage 1 and 2, clinicians can progress to Stage 3 and apply to the Centre for Advancing Practice for Advanced Practitioner/FCP recognition through their portal.

There are two different routes to FCP recognition, the taught higher education institute (HEI) route and the portfolio route. Accreditation by HEE is mandatory for inclusion on the national FCP register.

For further support contact the Kent and Medway Primary Care Training Hub:


FCP Roadmap flyer (1)
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