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NHS Radiology Conference: Join the Conversation on NHS Policy and Best Practices

NHS Radiology and Imaging Services, taking place on May 17th, 2023, at ETC Venues in Manchester.

The conference is designed to bring together senior managers and leaders from the NHS to discuss the latest developments, best practices, and challenges in providing high-quality radiology and imaging services to patients. Several experts in the field will speak to share their insights and lead interactive sessions that will provide you with a unique opportunity to engage with your peers and explore new ideas.

This conference will allow you to gain new perspectives, share your experiences, and network with others in your field. It is a great chance to expand your knowledge and skills and to gain insights into how you can ensure the best possible radiology and imaging outcomes for your patients.

Please note that attendance is free of charge, and there will also be a free drinks reception, providing a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for you to connect with other attendees.

PS: NHS attendance is complimentary, but registration is mandatory, email the team to secure your seat:

When & Where: 08:00 – 16:30 | 17th May | 2023 | etc.venues. 11 Portland St, Manchester M1 3HU Register here:

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