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Kindness Into Action course

Unkindness costs lives. Unkind behaviour at work harms colleagues’ and patients’ wellbeing. Studies show healthcare teams experiencing even mild incivility make significantly more mistakes. But we need more than just civility. People can be civil without being kind. And other studies show healthcare teams who work in a kind, supportive, positive environment deliver safer, more effective care. So in healthcare it’s only through kindness that staff and patients truly thrive.

That’s why we have secured access for everyone who works in primary care in Kent and Medway to a brand new, CPD-certified, online learning opportunity – Kindness into Action.

Kindness into Action is an evidence-based, CPD-certified, online course, bringing to life the impact of respect, kindness, positivity and incivility in healthcare.

The five short modules in Kindness into Action provide bite-sized access to practical tools and strategies that you can start using right away to nurture a culture of kindness, safety and wellbeing in your practice.

The first module is only 15 minutes long and you can access it here, or by clicking the link below

With Kindness into Action you’ll learn:

  • The evidenced case for kindness in healthcare

  • How to have more good days at work as a team

  • How to give kinder feedback: to talk things out without falling out

  • How to spot and resolve issues with poor behaviour

  • How to boost wellbeing in your team and beyond

Here’s what other NHS colleagues had to say about Kindness into Action:

  • “Absolutely brilliant!! Should be mandatory for all healthcare staff.”

  • “The facts and figures make the importance of kindness indisputable.”

  • “Well organised, well presented and delivered with empathy. Should be compulsory training for everyone working in the NHS.”

*****80% of NHS colleagues who have taken the course rated it 5 / 5.*****

We encourage everyone who works in primary care, dentistry and community pharmacy to take this course.

Read the flyer below:

Kindness into Action - flyer KM PC
Download PDF • 566KB

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