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We need your help It is rare that we write to you asking for you to take such direct action, but after a death in July where a person with diabetes was given an insulin overdose, we feel strongly that urgent action needs to be taken to prevent this from happening again. Everyone with diabetes should feel safe. In response, Trend Diabetes has launched the ‘Insulin Safety: Getting it Right’ e-learning module, which is free to access for all hospital and community trusts including Primary Care Networks (PCNs).

Join our campaign and take action We need your help by: · Explaining that the new Trend Diabetes insulin safety e-learning module is completely free - DOWNLOAD NOW · And that it can be deployed onto your organisation’s own electronic learning management system (LMS) and is SCORM compliant.

According to the results from the latest National Diabetes Inpatient Audit, two in five people with diabetes on insulin (40 per cent) experience an error related to the administration of the drug while in hospital, with errors also reported in the community setting.

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