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Core Skills Training Sessions for Practice Managers, PCN Managers and Staff

Two free training sessions have been developed to support Practice, Primary

Care Network (PCN) Managers and their teams.

This training will equip managers and their teams with the tools, resources and knowledge to become effective leaders and to develop strong resilience to thrive in their roles.

Transition to Leadership aims to highlight the challenges of leadership in the

context of primary care to help new or aspiring leaders on their journeys. The

session lasts for 90 minutes and covers awareness development of leadership

behaviours, what makes an impactful manager and exploring the principles of

Situational Leadership learning.

Recharge and Recover will ensure the development of the right skills to look after

your wellbeing. The session is 120 minutes and covers the importance of looking

after yourself, mapping your own recovery profile and developing a personalised

improvement plan.

For both training sessions, there are various date options throughout February

and March.

To find out more and to book a session please see the course leaflet.

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