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Clinical Supervision Training for Nursing Staff to lead a Clinical Supervision Group

Course duration: 9am-4pm

The course is interactive, using a variety of teaching methods and materials and encouraging discussion in a confidential environment. Participants will be given the tools and techniques to teach people about Clinical Supervision and to undertake the role of supervisor. This course is suitable for General Practice Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Nursing Associates.

Available dates:

  • Tuesday 24th May

  • Thursday 23rd June

  • Wednesday 13th July


You will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose and functions of Clinical Supervision

  • Understand the current context of Clinical Supervision

  • Describe the various models available to support reflective practice and explain how to use them

  • Develop the confidence to take on the role of supervisor

  • Describe the methods of delivery i.e. one to one/group/peer

  • Understand and explain the importance of keeping records (including contracts) and confidentiality

  • Understand and explain the law and accountability in relation to Clinical Supervision Understand and explain the role and responsibilities of supervisees and supervisors Understand how to manage group dynamics


  • Definitions of clinical supervision

  • Models of clinical supervision

  • Reflective practice

  • Asking open questions Learning styles

  • Documentation

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