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A Letter for Students

May 2020

Dear Student,

We do hope you are keeping safe and well.

Following the unprecedented need for support in health and social care during this pandemic, you may have been contacted recently by Health Education England or your training provider to establish whether you wish to be redeployed during the pandemic period or whether you wish to suspend your training for the time being.

We appreciate that this is an unsettling time for you. Whether you have chosen to be redeployed or to halt your studies, you may have been experiencing a range of emotions such as fear, worry, guilt or frustration. All of these are completely normal and understandable given the circumstances. There is a range of support available and we have included a copy of a health and wellbeing services directory that covers a wide range of issues and services available to you.

It is important for you to note however that whether you opted to be redeployed or to suspend your training until the current situation settles, you remain valued as one of our future health and social care professionals.

You will already know that it’s possible to make a big difference with a career in health and social care and no two days are ever alike. Some of you have been able to support your colleagues on the front line, for those of you who have had to remain at home; your support for your fellow student colleagues is also greatly appreciated.

Please continue to look after yourselves and stay safe. We look forward to seeing you all again when you restart your training and our sincerest thanks to you, regardless of your choice, for your continued dedication and desire to work within this highly rewarding sector.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your personal tutor

Yours faithfully,

Wilf Williams

NHS Kent and Medway Covid-19 strategic lead

Health and Wellbeing Resources Directory
Download • 315KB

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