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Voluntary top-up training for GPs

A new video that offers voluntary top up training to GPs who have already trained as educational supervisors is now available on Health Education England's e-learning for healthcare Hub.

This e-learning offer has now replaced the previous virtual ES top-op training offered by KSS Primary Care School.

The resource provides an overview of the differences between a first contact practitioner and an advanced practitioner and explains what masters level practice is and how this is evidenced in a portfolio.

The video also provides additional information for GP trainers to understand how best to support allied health professionals moving into primary care at master's level of practice. After viewing the video, learners will:

* be able to understand masters level practice

* gain understanding of allied health professionals' offer to primary care and their specific roadmap

* gain understanding of the background of the educational roadmaps and the advanced practice agenda

For more information and to access the video, please visit:

Any accredited Educational Supervisor (GP Trainer) can access the resource to enable FCP supervision.

Please contact your local training hub if you require any further information.

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