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Safer Practice Webinar

SAFER Consulting: How to make your consultations more efficient, effective & safer for you and your patient.


Wednesday 8 March


Via MS Teams


  • How do you manage diagnostic uncertainty and the risk of

  • incorrect diagnoses?

  • Do you finish the day worrying that you have missed something

  • serious?

  • Do your consultations always run late?

  • How can you incorporate patient safety into your CPD?


Uncertain and incorrect diagnoses are both relatively common in consultations in primary care and have the potential to cause serious harm to patients and heartache to clinicians. This session will help you to understand the factors that lead to diagnostic uncertainty and incorrect diagnoses and show you some strategies and interventions that can help make your consultations more time-efficient, clinically-effective and safer for both the patient and the clinician. The session will also show you how you can bring a patient safety focus to your annual CPD planning by making SAFER Consulting an ongoing thread within your annual CPD plan.

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