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Resources to support COVID-19 readiness

In light of the ever-evolving situation currently facing all healthcare professionals, it is important to share information and tips to manage and prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Please find a list of resources, as provided by the e-LfH Support Team.

e-learning can be found in their Covid-19 programme, now available on their AICC page here:

Below are further resources in the programme on their platform, but these are not yet AICC accessible. As they are simply links you can add them to your own LMS as such. The links are as follows: World Health Organisation (WHO): Critical Care Severe Acute Respiratory Infection course

Health and safety briefing for respiratory diseases – ePROTECT (from World Health Organisation)

Introduction to emerging respiratory viruses, including novel coronavirus (from World Health Organisation)

Removing of (doffing) personal protective equipment (PPE) - Poster PDF (from Public Health England)

Putting (donning) personal protective equipment (PPE) - PDF guide (from Public Health England)

Donning of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - YouTube Video (from Public Health England)

Removal and disposal of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - YouTube Video (from Public Health England)

Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK Government Response (from

Coronavirus Guidance for Clinicians (from NHS England) Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Public Guidance (from

Further resources will be shared on the North Kent website as and when this is received.

Keep safe everyone.

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