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Primary Care Apprenticeships: How to set up and use a Digital Account Service (DAS)

A Digital Account Service (DAS) allows employers to:

  • Reserve apprenticeship funding for co-investment

  • Levy transfer – transfer of levy from other organisations as agreed

  • Find, save and manage training providers as well as grant provider permission Create and post vacancies - recruit apprentices

  • Add and manage apprenticeships, confirm training commitment and manage payment

Reserve Funding:

  • You can reserve funding in the ‘finance’ section of your apprenticeship service account.

  • You can also give your training provider permission to reserve funds on your behalf.

  • For a step-by-step guide click here

When to use reserve funding:

  • Reserved funding is available to use from the month of the apprenticeship start date and the following 2 months. The reserved funding will expire at the end of the 3rd month if not used.

  • To avoid reserved funding from expiring, you need to add apprentice details. You can only have a combination of up to 3 ‘active’ or ‘used’ reservations at any time For example: If you choose January as the apprenticeship training start date, the reserved funding is valid for January, February and March and expires on 1st April.

Levy Transfer:

  • Levy paying employers can transfer up to 25% of their annual funds to any organisation that wants to receive a transfer.

  • For a step-by-step guide click here

Contact the Kent & Medway Primary Care Training Hubs Apprenticeship Team:

Setting up a Digital Account Service Flyer:

How to set up and use a digital service account flyer
Download PDF • 201KB

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