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Primary Care Apprenticeships: Darcey Bennett

Meet Darcey...

My name's Darcey Bennett and I'm a Health Care Assistant and I work at Westgate Doctors Surgery, in Kent.

What learning path did you choose?

In 2019, I successfully completed my Level 2 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship, which has led me to do my Training Nursing Associate (TNA) course with Canterbury Christchurch University. From my previous apprenticeship, I was able to learn my job role as a HCA alongside learning, which helped me develop as an individual and it gave me confidence to pursue the TNA Apprenticeship that I am now doing.

What were the challenges?

One of the biggest challenges is getting the balance right between everything. Doing an apprenticeship is incredibly busy. You have to work, learn, go to university, you're doing your placements, and also looking after your social life as well. So just finding a balance between all of them can be very challenging, but the key is to just keep yourself very organised.

What did the on-the-job learning involve?

On-the-job learning is very much blended learning. Sometimes we are at the university on-campus in lectures, learning theories, giving us a chance to unpick our skills. Sometimes we do things online, so virtual as well. We also have the skills lab, which is really great. This gives us a chance to practice our skills and it gives us a safe environment to make mistakes. It also allows us to expand our knowledge a little bit more.

What role did the practice play?

My practice and my team have been very important to me. They've very much been my lifeline throughout this. I've had amazing support from my Practice Supervisors and Practice Assessor. They've helped me progress and have allowed me to ensure I get enough time to complete written assignments, and helped me through my placements as well.

What would you say to anyone considering an Apprenticeship?

I would say that if you are more of a hands-on learner, and you like situational learning, then an apprenticeship course is for you.

For all apprenticeships information, please contact Kent and Medway Training Hubs:

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