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Pharmacy Technician Cross sector pre-registration trainee funding Application Pack

Following our recent webinar to share new additional funding available to support the training of cross-sector pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians (PTPTs), I now share with you the funding application pack including:

Application Process

Application is via an online application form. Before completing the application form the lead employer/system lead must complete the application template (AT). The AT should be completed in collaboration with the other partner/s and be retained by the lead employer/system lead. Applications must be submitted via the online form by 30th September 2020.

Please note, you are unable to save progress whilst completing the on-line application form, it is therefore advised that the information is copied and pasted from the AT as the form must be completed in one sitting. If you have any questions or require further support, please contact the HEE LaSE Pharmacy team at stating ‘PTPT Cross-sector Training’ in the email subject header.

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