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Peer Mentoring Programme

These are unprecedented times for Primary Care in the UK, with an increasing volume and complexity of patients, a worsening recruitment and retention crisis and the impact of complaints and critical incidents. Although Primary Care continues to offer an exceptional service to patients, staff well-being is suffering and many are reaching critical limits of stress especially in the current climate.

The Peer Mentoring programme links a Mentor to provide guidance and support to a Mentee, with a focus on the individual’s specific needs e.g. professional development, career goals or work-life balance. The aim is to encourage autonomy and self-development to help build and maintain the Mentee’s own resilience and wellbeing.

The Peer Mentors are established healthcare practitioners and respected peers with a variety of advanced communication skills, experience and training, who all receive specific mentoring training and support from the Training Hubs in Kent & Medway. Wherever possible, Mentees will be matched with a Mentor who has skills and experience specific to their situation.

By forming an ongoing professional relationship with Mentees, Mentors can offer regular, solutions[1]focused sessions to support the Mentee’s professional development, as well as providing support and helping them find solutions to any professional concerns.

Why become a Mentee?

Mentees are looking to lead their own professional or self-development, ready to reflect and exchange with others to identify their skills and gaps in their skillset, and to progress and broaden their horizons. Mentoring can help with increasing your motivation, working through transitions positively and managing your workload. Mentoring is not merely for crisis management, it can support you achieve your goals through all stages of your career.

Interested in becoming or looking for a Mentor?

You can access the services of a choice of coaches and mentors, and be supported in confidence fully funded by your local training hub for up to 4 sessions.

Contact your local Training Hub for more information.

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