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NHS 74th Birthday

On 5 July the NHS will mark its 74th birthday, and with over 350 different careers available across NHS England, there are plenty of ways to join the celebrations. The NHS offers a huge range of exciting and challenging opportunities for people who are passionate about making a difference, whether you’ve always wanted to work in health or have never thought about it before. No matter what area of the NHS you join, you will become part of a talented, passionate team of people. Whatever your skills, qualifications or interests, there is a career for you in the NHS. Search NHS Careers to find the role for you.

The NHS could not have achieved all it has without the skill and dedication of our people. Every single one of you has worked so hard to ensure that our organisation continues to deliver high quality care, and we want to use this opportunity to thank you once again for all that you are doing. Operational pressures, overlaid with elective recovery and the ongoing response to COVID-19, mean supporting our colleagues to stay and stay well is more vital than ever. This NHS Birthday, we want to encourage all colleagues to keep accessing support as and when you need it, to keep yourself safe and well and encourage your colleagues to do so too.

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