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New 'Preparing for your future as a nurse' online programme on the NHS Learning Hub

Second and third-year nursing students can now access a new online learning programme called 'Preparing for your future as a nurse' on the NHS Learning Hub.

Please share these details with relevant students in your organisation.

Following two pilots in the South East, Health Education England has developed an online programme designed for second and third-year nursing students nationwide to increase their awareness of the transition into employment in the NHS and increase their confidence in taking that step.

This programme provides students with information to help them transition from being a student nurse into their first post as a registered nurse. It covers:

  • preparation for your new role;

  • advice for when you’re searching and applying for your first job;

  • what to expect when you start;

  • how to make the most of the early stages of your nursing career, and much more.

Anyone with an NHS email address or a university email address can register to use the Learning Hub.

If you don’t already have an account, you can register here.

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