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Mental Health Nursing Competence and Career Framework

The New Roles in Mental Health Nursing Implementation Group in 2019 reported that there is a clear case that more mental health nurses are required both in the NHS and in private and voluntary organisations and agencies. In addition, mental health nurses, even before they consider pre-registration training, right throughout their career to retirement, need at all stages to feel valued, supported, developed, and safe in their practice.

Commissioned by Health Education England (HEE), we have worked collaboratively with the Mental Health Nursing Directors Forum, mental health nurses from across the country, and other key stakeholders, to lead the development and delivery of a framework describing the core skills, knowledge and behaviors our mental health nurses need, and which highlights its uniqueness as an inspiring career.

The framework offers a useful guide for employers to encourage a diversity of applications, including people with lived experience, by describing what mental health nurses do, and the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to carry out this role. This is in line with HEE’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce that can provide person-centered, culturally appropriate care.

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