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Medstart4U - A taste of Primary & Secondary Care

Students from schools in East Kent took part in the Medstart4U taster day at Kent & Canterbury Hospital last week. They even got to take part in work experience at GP surgeries and hospitals across Kent.

MedStart4U is a day long, interactive taster session on what it is like to work in medicine. Students got involved in simulated scenarios and practical sessions, including taking blood. They also gained an insight into what it is like to be a doctor working in Primary and Secondary care helping them decide their career paths.

A student from Ramsgate said:

“Having the opportunity to take bloods from mannequins was amazing and I felt like I was a Doctor! I made a few mistakes but there were Doctors there helping us through.”

Another said:

“I had the opportunity to see how the Doctors interact with patients, we learnt about how to be sympathetic and have good communication skills. It was an inspiration to see them working and pushes me to be the same.”

Interested in welcoming work experience students to your practice? Contact for more information.

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