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Life, Health & Leadership - Building a better, healthier NHS with Leaders with Disabilities

Date: Monday 7th December 2020, via Zoom

Session Time: 14:00 – 15:30

Join us and Dr Christine Rivers and Coach-Speaker-Author Rasheed Ogunlaru for inspiring and empowering masterclass and discussion.

An event targeted at people living with long term health conditions, mental health issues and disabilities* and are considering or already undertaking leadership roles. Influenced by Disability History Month (18 November to 18 December) we want to help you think about your own history and what this means for your leadership future.

Have you wanted to take a leadership role but wondered how your health would cope with the demands? Are you currently in a leadership role managing your own boundaries to keep your health conditions at bay and wondering how this will impact your career? Would you like to spend some time reflecting on how your personal lived experience gives you the tools to help us build a culture of inclusion? If you answered yes to any of these questions this event is for you.

This event will consider our culture of ableism and how we as individuals and collectively can help unpick it. We will consider some of the evidence, national strategies and our personal stories to start a conversation around how we create a healthier NHS.

* Are you wondering if your health conditions fit the inclusion criteria for this event? If it impacts the way you live and work, yes it does.

To book your place please click here.

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