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Kent & Medway Neighbourhood Transformation Programme - Applications open

Kent and Medway Neighbourhood Transformation Programme

Digital transformation has taken centre stage to support the delivery of health and social care.

The Kent and Medway Neighbourhood Transformation Programme will model the hybrid future of health and social care and help empower those with the right tools and networks to make a positive difference to people across the system. Bringing together the three pillars of Leadership, Digital & Innovation and Quality Improvement, you will feel inspired to make a difference to person centred care and support, enabled by digital. You will learn about leadership trends, digital tools, collaboration and improving existing processes. Finally, delivering a collaborative service improvement project led by your workplace.

You will be peer supported by a virtual community to share ideas during the programme, building a network of changemakers who will be health and social care champions for the Integrated Care System going forward.

Delivered over 10-months (one day/month), starting in November 2022, the programme is designed for a varied, multi-professional health and social care workforce. With one full dedicated day per month away from your normal role.

Please send expressions of interest by 14th October 2022, email your name, role and location to:

More information in the flyer below:

KM Neighbourhood Transformation Flyer
Download PDF • 224KB

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