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How COVID19 affects Basic Life Support protocols in Primary Care

As a Doctor or Nurse have you been advised how Basic Life Support protocols have changed during COVID19? As a previous delegate on a Sirius Business Services Ltd, Basic Life Support Course, we would like to invite you to..........

These FREE Live Zoom webinar’s (duration approx. 30 mins each) run by specialists in primary care training, Sirius Business Services Ltd, followed by a question and answer session, are designed as a quick and easy way to get you up to speed with the changes and ensure you undertake Basic Life Support safely. Spaces on each session are limited and are bookable on a first come first serve basis. REGISTER NOW TO BE SURE OF YOUR SPACE Click on the session you wish to book on below Tuesday 9th June at 7.30pm Wednesday 10th June at 1.00pm Wednesday 10th June at 7.30pm

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