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Hot Topics Improving Asthma Care and Thinking Green Clinic - 17 May

The UK has some of the worst asthma outcomes in Europe with a rise in asthma deaths over the last decade. We are also increasingly aware of the high environmental impact of some asthma inhalers. At first, it may seem that improving either of these problems would be deleterious to the other, but in this NB Clinic, we will discuss new asthma guidance from Greener Practice, endorsed by Asthma UK, the British Lung Foundation and NHS England on how we can help both issues in a simple and mutually beneficial way.

The clinic will cover:

  • How we can improve our patients asthma outcomes simply and quickly

  • Techniques to reduce the carbon footprint of asthma management while improving our patients asthma control

  • Which inhalers have a low carbon footprint and when we should use them

  • How to safely and effectively change inhalers

  • The financial implications of changing inhalers

  • Quick quality improvement ideas for improving care in your practice

  • Where to find further helpful resources

Join NB Medical for a clinically focused evening and your opportunity to ask questions and share your experience with colleagues.

This webinar will take place on Tuesday 17th May 2022 starting at 8 pm and finishing at 9 pm.

You will be able to claim 1 CPD credit for this online webinar with a downloadable certificate provided.

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