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Help with recruitment - Primary care health professional interviews

IsoFIT-BP study – isometric exercise for people with raised blood pressure

Full Title of Project: Feasibility study to assess the delivery of a novel isometric exercise intervention for people with Stage 1 hypertension in the NHS

Why have I been invited to an interview?

We are inviting healthcare professionals from local GP practices to take part in an interview to gather opinions of a new isometric exercise intervention for patients with Stage 1 hypertension delivered through primary care.

What will happen?

You have received an email inviting you to take part in an interview. The interview will take up about 20 minutes of your time and will be done over the phone or via a video call. Prior to the interview, you will be sent a summary of the intervention and the study for you to review. You will be asked a series of questions to understand your opinions of the intervention and the study, whether you feel it would be a good intervention for your patients and what local factors you think might help or hinder the provision of this exercise intervention locally. We would like your permission to record the interview so that we can better analyse the data.

How do I take part?

If you are interested in taking part, please email Rachel Borthwick, Research Facilitator ( You will then be contacted by her or another member of the research team to arrange a convenient date and time to conduct the interview.

Do I have to take part?

It is entirely up to you whether or not you take part in the interview. If you decide to take part but change your mind, you are free to do so, and you can stop at any time during the interview. If you change your mind afterwards, you can let us know by contacting the research team on the details provided at the end of this information sheet. We would like to use the data we have already collected up to the point of withdrawal unless you say otherwise.

Will my taking part in this study be kept confidential?

We would like to reassure you that any information collected about you will be strictly confidential and we will protect your identity. The interview will be recorded so that the comments made can be typed up and analysed better. When the recording is typed up, your name will be kept confidential and will not be used. The typed up comments will be stored on a password protected network at the University of Kent and will only ever be accessed by the research team.

You will not be identifiable in any written reports. Things you say during the interview may be directly quoted in written reports and publications, but your name or anything else that could make you identifiable will be removed.

Once the project is finished, the original recording of the interview will be destroyed so that any information linking the comments you have made to you will be removed (i.e. all personal information associated with the data). The typed up comments that cannot be linked to you and are anonymous will then be kept for use in future research.

For further information on the University of Kent’s research privacy notice please refer to:

Benefits and risks of taking part

We will ensure that there are no risks to you by taking part in the interview. Furthermore, any sensitive information you give us regarding yourself or the health and care services you provide will not be shared with anyone. There is the potential that some comments by participants (namely healthcare professionals delivering the intervention) may be identifiable to staff or organisations working locally. However, we will ensure where possible that comments cannot be traced back to any one individual and we are happy to show you a copy of our results before they enter the public domain if you wish.

Taking part in the interview will involve your time, however, the information you give us will be a vital part of understanding if exercise interventions like the one in this study are beneficial to patients and can be delivered easily in primary care. Your information will help us to develop this exercise programme further and deliver it better if it proves helpful for patients managing their blood pressure.

What will happen to the results of the study?

Any information you give us will be made completely confidential and anonymous. The results of the study will be used to help us develop future studies to see if this type of exercise is beneficial for people with high blood pressure.

The results will also be published in journals and conferences to share the learning from the study with others.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions?

If you have any further questions or concerns about taking part in an interview, please do not hesitate to contact:

Ellie Santer (Research Fellow)

Phone: 01227 923357

Who can I contact if I want to make a complaint about the study?

If you are unhappy about any aspects of the study and wish to make a formal complaint, you can do this by contacting:

Professor Chris Farmer

Phone: 01227 816439

Additionally, you may contact East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, Research and Development Team:

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