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Health Disparities Webinar: using data and health literacy techniques to reduce inequalities

To address health disparities, there needs to be an increase in focus on improving health literacy, digital literacy and digital access. This short webinar will explore the newly available maps and online tools which use place-based geodata to identify levels of health literacy and digital access in your area.

This webinar will also introduce the health literacy elearning programme. It will explain how to use the techniques as part of a series of steps to address local health disparities.

Ruth Carlyle, Head of Knowledge and Library Services, and Sue Robertson, Knowledge and Library Services Development Lead, will host this webinar and Q&A session. Join them on Thursday 20 October at 12.30-13:15pm.

Please use the online registration form to book your place. The form will close on Friday 14 October.

More information is available, including who would benefit from attending this free event, on the webinar flyer.

There is a 10 minute interview available online with Sue Lacey Bryant, HEE Chief Knowledge Officer, and Nick Poole, CEO of CILIP, where the service is explained in more detail.

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