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Freedom to Speak Up in Primary Care

The attached link takes you a document that is specifically Primary Care focused;

OFFICIAL 3 Freedom to speak up in Primary Care Guidance to primary care providers on supporting whistleblowing in the NHS Version number: 1 First published: 11.11.2016

The YouTube video below is from NHSE, it covers a hospital scenario, a district nurse scenario and a GP Practice scenario. It's called Raising a Concern because FTSU was such a trendy term. It's about 11mins long and I think it would be useful for any level of staff in the primary care workforce:

Health Education England is at the forefront of the drive to improve safety in the NHS by training staff on how to speak up for patient safety. Events such as those that occurred at Mid Staffs showed that some staff do not have the knowledge and confidence to raise concerns about patient safety. HEE has now produced a film to help staff raise.

  1. The website address for the National Guardians Office (NGO) is:

  2. NHSE along with NGO has just released a cartoon Freedom To Speak Up Training for all health care staff. It can be found on the NHS training link:

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