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Free Online Training for ALL on Personalised Care from the Personalised Care Institute

The PCI are equipping health and care professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help patients get more involved in decisions about their care.

Evidence shows this leads to better health outcomes and increased patient and clinician satisfaction.

Take a free PCI course today.

They have 30-60 minute courses that are CPD recognised and suitable for all health and care professionals, at all career stages, levels of seniority, skill and knowledge. They are also vital for all office and support functions to ensure we are all aware of the voice of the person is considered in everything we do.

Core Skills: Improve your knowledge of personalised care Core Skills with this eLearning module – one of the key components of the PCI curriculum. The module provides a holistic view of health and care, highlighting the benefits of personalised care and demonstrating how it improves health outcomes and patient and clinician satisfaction…

Shared Decision Making: Shared decision making (SDM) is a process by which people are supported to understand their options and are given the opportunity to consider relevant information that might influence their choice…

Personalised Care and Support Planning (PCSP): Good personalised care and support planning (PCSP) is about having a different kind of conversation about health and care, focusing on what matters to the person as well as their clinical and support needs. This leads to a single plan that is owned by the individual and accessible to those supporting the person…

Personalised Care and Support Planning (PCSP) – Maternity: This course is designed to help healthcare professionals to offer personalised maternity care. It will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to have conversations that support women to make safe and informed decisions during antenatal care and delivery…

Click here to access these free online courses:

You can also find out more about our events, podcasts, resources and accredited training courses.

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