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Deep listening events for NHS colleagues: A little space for you to breathe

We are a team of virtual facilitators, offering deep listening for all NHS colleagues regardless of role. Through these sessions we offer a confidential space full of kindness, compassion, and support, where you can feel vulnerable in a safe space. This is a place to be still for a moment, where you can settle and share what you are holding in you right now. It is an opportunity to be heard through deep connection with others. It provides a time and space where you can connect with others to build your resilience and time for self-care. It is a place where you can also offer support to others in their journeys through the act of listening, deeply and without judgement. Whatever state you arrive here in, you are welcome. It may be bewilderment or desperation. You may have found yourself stuck in any of the stages of grief, and need to share your rage, fear, your tears of loss, or just sit in numbness. You may be experiencing compassion fatigue, stress and burnout. You may have none of those feelings, but want to show up, share, and listen to others. This is the first of those offerings. As demand grows, the schedule will be extended to include a greater choice of gatherings accessible to members working different shift patterns. Please come on time, and plan to stay for the full event. If this is your first time using Zoom, please come 10 minutes early, so that you can download the free app. You can access this event via smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This is a free resource, but spaces are limited. Please book your event through one of the links below. There will be an event will at 8pm on Thursday, 2 April for one hour. There are 30 slots available: Or email to find out the dates of the next planned session/s or to schedule a session. The team includes a group of very experienced practitioners who will hold this space and facilitate the discussions. They include:

Kimberley Hare A facilitator, coach and therapist for more than 35 years, a writer and blogger, including three books on the human mind, and works from an understanding called the Three Principles. Also offers help to people to face whatever future is coming our way from a place of clarity, love and well-being. Alison Lally A coach and consultant working with the Three Principles and Thinking Environment. Has worked for the NHS, Police and Civil Service over the past 25 years. Angela Watson Listening coach, trainer, facilitator working with the NHS for 30 years. Beth Hill A life coach, passionate about supporting organisations and people through change. Experience of designing and delivering change programmes in the NHS for over the last 25 years

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