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Coaching opportunity: Looking After You

Looking After You – confidential coaching for primary care.

Three coaching offers are available from NHS England and NHS Improvement to all primary care colleagues, tailored to individual needs. Experienced coaches can help you as an individual, support you to manage your team and reflect on your career goals and ambitions.

  • Looking after you too – coaching about you and your wellbeing Individual coaching is available with a skilled and experienced coach who will work with you to discuss any area of your wellbeing that you would like to address. They will listen, ask questions and support you to develop practical strategies to cope with your situation and stay well.

  • Looking after your team – coaching about you and your team If you lead, manage, or organise teams, groups or services in primary care you can access this offer of coaching with a highly skilled and experienced coach. Your coach will help you think about and plan how you work with the people you lead and manage, using approaches centred in compassionate and collaborative team leadership.

  • Looking after your career – coaching about you and your career The aim of this service is to provide an easy to access, individually tailored coaching service that focuses on supporting you with your career choices. If you are thinking about your career and what you want from your current role, or if you are thinking about exploring new opportunities and making some changes, investing some time with a coach can be a very helpful thing to do.

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