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ACP Conference 18 March 2022 - Book your place

The Celebrating Advanced Clinical Practice across Kent & Medway conference has been rescheduled to:

Friday 18 March 2022.


Location: Ashford International Hotel – TN24 8LU

Topics include:

  • Multi-professional approach to Advance Clinical Practice in Secondary and Primary Care

  • Independent Prescribing

  • Manage Your Mind

  • Celebration Award Ceremony

Book your place below:

Click on this Eventbrite link:

or copy this link in your browser:

Kent & Medway Advanced Clinical Practice Forum wants to celebrate Advancing Clinical Practice that is occurring across our Integrated Care System. We want to celebrate colleagues who have demonstrated what it means to be an Advanced Clinical Practice and how that practice can support and benefit the patients we care for by a series of Awards.

  • Individuals can self-nominate or be nominated by their team or colleagues.

  • Please state which category you are nominating for and give a 300-word rationale that will be reviewed by the judging panel as to why you think you or the nominee should win this Award.

“Evidence consistently shows that multi-professional team working delivers better outcomes for patients and more effective and satisfying work for clinicians.”

Therefore nominations that show evidence of team-working and improved outcomes for people in your community will receive a higher weighting when being judged. It is recognised that the four pillars of advancing practice interlink and therefore reference to other pillars from the nominated category is expected.


Examples may include:

  • Fostering relationships within and across teams/professions/organisations and other boundaries, demonstrating a person-centred approach

  • Leading on service redesign and quality improvements and solutions to enhance quality and safety, reduce unwanted variation, focus upon what matters to people and improve health and well-being of all

  • Demonstrating feedback and involvement from individuals, families, carers, communities and colleagues

  • Demonstrate team leadership, resilience and determination, managing situations that are unfamiliar, complex or unpredictable and seeking to build confidence in others.


Examples may include:

  • Using evidence-based strategies and/or undertaking research to enhance quality, safety, productivity and outcomes that focus upon what matters to all people.

  • Using available research and/or evaluation and audit to underpin practice and inform change to strengthen evidence for best practice.


Examples may include:

  • Development of a culture of learning within and across teams/professions/organisational boundaries to inspire future and existing workforce in order to meet local population needs

  • Facilitate collaboration of the wider team and support individual and team learning. Supporting the wider team to build capacity and capability for learning through place-based and inter-professional learning.


Examples may include:

  • Developing ways to consistently work in partnership with individuals, families and carers to focus upon what matters to people, supporting people in making decisions, planning care or seeking to make positive changes to care pathways.

  • Work collaboratively with an appropriate range of multi-agency and inter-professional resources, developing, maintaining and evaluating links to manage risk and issues across organisations and settings

  • Act as a clinical role model/advocate for developing and delivering care that is responsive to changing requirements, informed by an understanding of local population health needs, agencies and networks.

Independent Prescribing

Examples may include:

  • Improve prescribing practice through review of feedback prescribing data analysis and audit.

  • Prescribe as part of a multidisciplinary team to develop continuity of care across teams/professions/organisations settings.

  • Development of support networks for Independent Prescribers and/or others in the system supporting prescribing.

  • Prescribing/ de-prescribing to meet people’s needs and reduce over medicalisation of non-health related problems

Each category will have an Award winner and a runner-up.

A further Award will be allocated for the Best Poster.

Application form:

ACP Award Nominations 18 March 2022
Download PDF • 211KB

Rescheduled closing date is midnight on 30 January 2022.

Applications to be submitted to:

Thank you for participating!

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