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ACE awareness and Trauma Informed Interventions Seminar

Join the free ACE awareness and Trauma Informed Interventions Seminar.

Thursday 3 February 2022 - 9.45am-1.00pm

Delivered by Child and Family Training.

Aims: To enhance the knowledge of Kent’s multi-agency workforce supporting adults and children/families. The seminar will focus on the associations of Adverse Childhood/Community Experiences (ACEs) with the cycle of persistent harmful impacts on health and behaviour of children, young people and adults – as well as on parenting and partnering.

Research has evidenced the cumulative impact of ACEs on health and behaviour – the higher the level of adversity the greater the likelihood of a negative effect on the individual, although protective factors and resilience can reduce harm in this respect.

The common factor associated with ACEs is the development of toxic stress which results in a trauma response. This in turn triggers and promotes a wide variety of overlapping mental and physical impacts that require support and the extent of which often pose challenges for services trying to provide effective prevention. Trauma Informed approaches have now been developed to assist practitioners to become aware of the traumatic nature of the issues they have identified and to work collaboratively to find solutions that will help heal the trauma experienced.

An innovative ‘modular’ approach will be presented which integrates ‘common practice elements’ from across the field of evidence-based interventions relating to mental health responses and parental/household stressors. Further resources in the form of subject-based guides are also available to further support the learning.

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