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4-day PCI Accredited Tailored Health Coaching

Participants will feel confident, from day 1, to start using coaching skills with their patients or clients. By the end of the programme, they will have become part of a community of best practice, able to support both clients and colleagues to think at their very best.

  • Day 1: Introduction to Health Coaching - appreciate how a coaching framework supports conversations that get people to think.

  • Day 2: Coaching and Activation - understand how ‘activation’ can influence how we coach the people we work with.

  • Day 3: Behaviour Change - appreciate behaviour change theory and the skills of motivational interviewing.

  • Day 4: Bringing it together - be able to use coaching with confidence in a wide variety of challenging situations and be able to participate fully in peer supervision of best practice.

Dates: In April - July 2022

Please follow the link to book your place:

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